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Our story start with the observation that there is constant effort to try to brand couples and relationships in general as not cool.
And why they say its not cool? Because they take pride in not able to keep commitments. Suddenly 'Happily unmarried' becomes celebrated phrase.

On the other side, traditional society think people should embrace relationship only after marriage. Marriage should happen in same caste and religion and whatever. Marriage should be arranged. There are gender roles after marriage. And many such things...

For us, being in a relationship is the most beautiful feeling ever. Love has to be celebrated MORE THAN anything else.

We believe, anyone and everyone should have the right to marry anyone he/she loves. There should not be any gender roles after marriage. Inter caste marriages should be promoted.

Lifestyle brand exclusive for Couples

Your struggles are over. We are here to kill dullness in your relationship. We present to you our FIRST exclusive series 'When They Met' featuring beautiful images of our beloved couple 'ChhokraChhokri' that brings complex emotions of journey of a love life with great ease. Each design is a beautiful story on its own.

We believe, Business cannot be only about financial gains. With this brand we are committed towards making a positive impact in day to day life of couples not only by innovative designs but also by detailed informational blog posts covering wide range of topics from 'Top Habits of Happy Couples' to 'Questions to ask your spouse to spice up your relationship'.

Making positive impact in the society is what is about